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A source of independent help and advice for businesses wanting to change their performance management practices.

Founder: Steve Morlidge (BA, ACMA, PhD)


The problem

Many businesses recognise that the way they work and organise themselves is inappropriate in today’s increasingly turbulent and complex world.

In addition, the drudge of traditional financial performance management practices can make it difficult to attract and retain talented people, who aspire to more fulfilling jobs.  

This is not surprising, since many of the tools and techniques still in widespread use in financial performance management date back to the early days of large-scale business enterprise in the 1920’s.

Yet organisations who aspire to develop ‘adaptive’ management systems more in tune with the times, often struggle to break the grip of traditional bureaucratic planning and control systems.

This can be due to a lack of understanding of tried and tested alternatives. It is also often the result of the difficulty of attempting to change a large and complex business process , and the behaviours associated with it, ‘on the go’ without losing control.

What we offer

Advice and support to help businesses break the stranglehold of traditional bureaucratic budget based performance management practices. Based on:

  • cutting edge ideas in financial performance management, Complexity and Systems Science
  • extensive practical experience
  • unique expertise in business forecasting 

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